Iowa Water Quality Consulting

Who We Are

Iowa Water Quality Consulting provides municipal, government, and individual clients with water quality project assistance.

For every engagement, our unique combination of understanding the regulatory requirements and ability to walk our client through to understanding the needs of that regulatory process will enable the client to be secure in their decision-making process.

We interface closely with the on-site representatives and facilitate partnerships to ensure cooperation and positive outcomes.

With over 25 years of experience in local, regional, state, and federal water quality project planning, assessment, outreach, and project implementation, we can meet the project requirements.

We recognize economic growth and sustainability rely on the capacity to provide clean water.

Rebecca Ohrtman



Interpret technical data/information. Facilitate communication between private/municipal entities/regulatory authorities to reach positive outcomes.


Source Water Protection, Watershed, and Drinking Water Emergency Management.


Large /Small Groups. Community Leaders, Employees and Local Citizens.

Technical Assessment

Evaluate and present the best options for clients.

Financial Opportunities

Research options for financial opportunities to fund water quality projects for clients.


  • Understanding of Regulatory Requirements. Becky has 25+ years of work experience in point and non-point source contaminant sources, working with local, state, and federal agencies which enables us to communicate effectively for clients.

  • Understanding of State and Federal Conservation and Water Quality Programs. This expertise includes knowledge of potential financial opportunities and technical resources.

  • Technical Specialists. We have in-house specialists who can access technical information related to your project to assist clients in making informed decisions, resulting in decreased risk.

  • Group and One-on-One Presentations. Facilitate partnerships resulting in sustainable outcomes.


Our proactive, objective, and disciplined work ethic has resulted in coordinating and connecting people and accessing technical information and resources for a successful outcome for our clients.

  • Bachelor of Science Degree and Graduate Work– Iowa State University

  • Iowa Emergency Management Effective Communication Certificate

  • Groundwater Site Investigation Certificate

  • Nitrates and Your Water Systems Certificate

  • Stream Watershed Integrated Management Certificate

  • Total Quality Management (TQM) Certificate

  • Iowa Targeted Small Business Certification

Contact Information

Rebecca Ohrtman Water Quality Consulting, L.L.C.
DBA: Iowa Water Quality Consulting

Rebecca Ohrtman, Owner
(515) 314-4516

1105 Walnut St., Decorah, IA 52101

Federal Registrations

  • DUNS: 117894636

  • CAGE: 8WM83

  • SAM (Systems Award Management)

  • NAICS: 925120, 924120, 541611



"Becky Ohrtman consistently assisted our local Municipal Water Supply through coordinating and connecting people and accessing technical information for a successful outcome. Becky did a great job in presenting technical drinking water quality information at our annual Iowa Region One American Water Works Association (AWWA) conferences."

— Chad Wulfekuhle, Manchester Iowa Municipal Water Superintendent

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